Copra oil production, vertically integrated copra structure


Since 2008, Vanuatu Services ENGIE manufactures coconut oil as a biofuel aka cocofuel. With our expertise we manage to produce up to 7.6 million liters of cocofuel.

More recently, Vanuatu Services ENGIE has even deeper developed its coprah activities with the acquisition of Undine Bay plantation where an active replanting campaign is still underway.

Copra is supplied from island producers and from our plantation. If you want to sell us your Copra, please contact us through the contact page of this site.

Coconut oil production also generates copra meal used for animal feeding (cattle, pig, poultry farming). If you want to buy copra meal, please contact us through the contact page of this site or come directly at the oil mill.

How to become a copra supplier

Contact us


Sale of copra meal

Contact us or direct sale at our Tagabé oil mill



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