Vanuatu Services ENGIE has an extended know-ho, competencies and tools to meet challenges of energy efficiency and water supply. We can offer services in water, energy and in an integrated way (water and energy).

Energy audits

We perform energy audits on private houses, tertiary building and industries. Methods use are at the cutting edge of technology (infrared thermography, electrical power recorders, temperature and humidity recorders.

We can detect electrical issue, thermal isolation issue (warm and cool), phase imbalance.

Vanuatu Services ENGIE advise and assist you during upgrades and renovations of your electrical installation and/or thermal (warm and cool).

Hydrology and hydraulic studies

Infrared thermography solar heater

You want provide water or fix/improve an existing system for a community, a sub division, Vanuatu Services ENGIE can study your need and recommend suitable solutions from the resource to the user up to sewage treatment:

  • Resource (hydrogeology study, borehole drilling follow-up, water catchment)
  • Pumping (sizing, solar pumping…)
  • Potabilization treatment (preliminary analysis, solution identification, installation and control)
  • Distribution network (sizing and localization of the storage, distribution network and hydraulic equipment)
  • Leak detection
  • Metering solution




You have a sewage treatment plant, Vanuatu Services ENGIE can verify the proper functioning and advise you on its operation and maintenance