Food and water testing


Vanuatu Services ENGIE laboratory is providing its services for water and food analysis, such as:

  • Drinking water
  • Wastewater
  • Bathing water
  • Food
  • Oil
  • Kava

We are conducted bacteriological analysis and basic physico-chemical parameters in our laboratory in Tagabé.

Our process follows national and international guidelines (ISO, WHO…) from sampling to the report delivery.

We are keen to assist you, from sampling to analysis of your product, as well as provide recommendations to help you attain national and international quality levels.


To ensure the quality of your products or to create a safe working environment over time and to quickly detect any anomalies, our laboratory provide analyses based on microbial detection, bringing together rapidity and reliability to better meet your needs.


Responsible values focused on your satisfaction:

  • Proximity and availability
  • Direct, real time access to our experts
  • Committed to reactivity and the relevance of the solutions provided
  • Consulting

Our works and reports are covered by professional secrecy.

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